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Update by user Oct 14, 2018

The guy I believe to be the manager did not even apologize just asked when we came through the line an where is the receipt

Original review posted by user Oct 14, 2018

Angry So we went to McDonald’s for my 1 year old son, at 10:06 on Saturday 10/13/2018. We went for a happy 4 peace Chicken Nugget Happy meal extra fries an sweet tea.

We pay we get the meal an start driving off my son likes to eat in the car so I open the box see a toy which I moved to the side to see the fries where half empty but I just thought that probably they just giving us what ever they want cause they do that some times fries where not a big deal any way so I cooled a few off with the ac an he started eating them next I went to get him a chicken nugget an stuck my hand in tarter sauce the whole box filled with it. I’m am pretty up set that’s not fun my son is 1 an if he gets sick we’ll we just hope he don’t cause that’s going to be another story but if they got a contaminated box back from some customer that’s aginst the law to hand out any way. I worked in food I don’t think this is funny this is a kids meal an I’m trying to word every thing nice. Well we went back through the drive through we cut straight to the windows the boy went to give us a cone but I told him it was not are’s he looked confused.

Then I went to tell him that if they think this is some kind of joke it’s not funny an told him it was not what we ordered I told him the box was filed with tarted sauce or something I gave him the whole happy meal every thing that was in it I know it was not his fault but it was some ones an I put the receipt in the box an told him to open the nugget box he took it then a guy came to the window an asked for the receipt which I believe to be the manager he did not say much though then I told him it was in the box he went back an the first guy came back he told us they were getting us a whole new box I asked if he looked an he said he did he apologized asked us if we could pull forward to wait so we moved forward, he brought us out the box an said sorry aging. I am still up set I took pics I sent to a few friends an family I know it was not the boy/guy that handed us the foods fault who apologized he looked scared/confused but obviously it’s not funny an it is some ones fault it was for my one year old an I really hope he don’t get sick or something . If I would of gave this to my three year old an he would not of said som thing or for instance if my friend had this happen an was to drop her kid off to a baby sitter with a happy meal an got that. I mean really there could be any thing in it an I would have no idea.

This is very upsetting an if it was your kid think what you would do. Like I said I have pics my fieonce also took a video I also have a pic of the kid who did apologize

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Happy Meal Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think that many of McDonald's customers are "A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal"


You're another sad and bad case of an customer that's just complaining and moaning that does not understand they are able too fix your problem with your food if you ask them. But instead you're going too post it. All you're doing is looking for attention.


You're feeding your 1 year old McDonald's? And worried he'll get sick from some tartar sauce?

Lol! Smh.


You feed your 1 year old mcdonalds? Wow.

Great parenting. Also, very poor grammar. Once I saw that you worked in the food industry it made sense. Usually people that ask "Would you like fries with that?" Aren't the most educated.

I'm still unsure what you're complaining about. You're mad because they gave you a box with tartar sauce? Haha.

Wow. You must have no life if that's what you're complaining about.


And what life can you claim, when you are replying to her complaint. Loser.


This is an review site. Anybody is allowed too respond too anybody. People are allowed too call out and confront people like this that act like children.

@Anonymous Drinks And Menus 2019

Agreed with you. It is time for adults to act like adults, not children.

@Anonymous Drinks And Menus 2019

Agreed with you. It is time for adults to act like adults, not children. *Sticks tongue out at you*


The same life you have for replying to a replier. The same life I have for replying to you.


Not all people who work in the food industry are uneducated. It is one of your business what she feeds her child.

I doubt she feeds her child Mcdonald's everyday. Besides your post makes you appear uneducated as well. Your grammar is not perfect. Neither is mine.

I just was checking my reviews and found out that I made a mistake on my Mcdonald's review.

Spelled the word for ever rather than forever. But this is a complaint site, and while the OP has issues, they have every right to complain.


Congratulations ! That is the longest post for the most insignificant complaint to be featured this month on this website.

You should win an award for most pitiful expectations....an apology ? GET REAL.