South Hamilton, Massachusetts

McDonalds at some point recently decided to reduce the size of the french fries and french fry bag in the happy meal for kids. This cardboard bag for fries is ultimately ridicules!

It holds about 12 fries and a large kid cant even get their fingers in the bag! It looks like a game piece. Same price I'm sure. I'm done with happy meals, that's for sure.

Never again, or untill they change back.

What parent doesn't steal a few fries from their kids happy meal? Try it now and they don't get ANY fries!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

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National campaign. Posters all over the store ad in the drive-thru.

It is your option, but it was requested to include the apples. By a majority of the public.

The mcemployee that posted was completely correct.


Omg - so pissed my daughter got a happy meal and let's count the fries --- 9 half size fries! A half a cent worth of a potato!

Never again will I let my husband throw our money away on such a rip off. They should be ashamed!


Sorry but I was pissed off when I got my 1st dose of apples and kiddie fries fit for an ant! This should be MY choice.

I don't need them or someone in government telling me what I should or should not be feeding my child! And if there were 12 fries in that minibox I will eat my shoe! Oh wait...I would have to with what they have in that box cause I would still be hungery! Listen, I don't mind options.

They are fine. Give choices and let the parents make them. But to make the choice for me makes me rather angry. Not to mention.....two of my kids are allergic to apples.

Guess they forgot to mention that apples were in there instead when they handed me that box the 1st time! It didn't go over well. We go to MDs once in a while. It isn't a daily visit.

And I seriously do not think that reg. fries is going to kill my kids for an occasional treat!


"A large kid can't get his fingers in the bag." There. That is why.

Because children are fat, and apples are better for them. If you want to "steal some fries" from your kid, why don't you just get your own?

Or just take them. If his fingers don't fit, maybe he shouldn't eat them....


The idea of the reduction of fries is to attempt to tackle the nationwide obesity crises. Meals now come with a smaller portion of fries and apple slices automatically.

If you want, you can ask (politely, I hope) for only fries or only apples, and the employees will oblige.

The company has advertised the change in happy meals. It's really not a big deal, just ask for small fries in place of apples next time