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I do not agree that a happy meal toy for my child should sing "I scream and shout so what I'm gonna do now is freak the freak out" this is from nickelodeons victorious. This is absolutely ridiculous and should not be accepted by McDonald's!

Today's date is 4/27/12. I live in Manhattan, KS.

I just wish that this country still had some morals and that somewhere along the process of this toy making it to my happy meal that somebody would have stood up for children and said this is inappropriate. I hope in the future McDonald's will provide better quality entertainment for our children.

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Sadly, Bob it costs much more than 2 bucks to be a bad parent at McDonalds. Apparently, they donate 1 cent...yes, you read that right!...ONE CENT from every Happy Meal they sell for their Ronald McDonald charity.

Talk about sad.I would dare say that it probably costs them more in admin. fees to process that penny per sale, which makes it even more sad.


This should be the least of your concerns. Most of what they serve is unhealthy and shouldn't be eaten by anybody, especially children.

I guess its easier to drop $2 and forgot about parental responsibility.


My kids love Happy Meals because of all of the cool toys they get with them. The "Magical Envelope" that holds the french fried goodness transforms into an amazing paper airplane.

The "Mystery Wrapper" containing the burger is great fun when wrapped around unusual items such as a rock or a hamster making their friends believe that they got a funny shaped hamburger...loads of fun!!! The "Cup of Wonders" when turned upside down after drinking the contents makes a really super cool drum when the "Tube of Aspiration" is used as a stick. A one and a two and a three... Fun times!!

Oh, and of course we can't forget the "Box O'Smells" that is used to pretend that you are once again enjoying a Happy Meal when food is low in the house and Mom & Dad are missing again. Deep breath!!! Awwww..mmmmm that sure smells good. I'm not as hungry anymore...just a bit lonely.

Last but not least, let's not leave out the "Environmental Energizer", the small politically correct, sweat shop supporting toy, that encourages your child to recycle plastics and make our Earth a better place. Thank you Ronald McDonald!!




then don't let them watch the show? I'm pretty sure a lot of cable/satellite providers offer customizable parental controls these days.


I am not complaining or going to boycott McDonalds by any means, I just think it's very hysterical that they chose a high school teenager show as the theme for happy meal toys. And my 2.5y old daughter loves singing and dancing around to it. of course she's singing it as "my best friends boyfriend is the one for me...."


at least it wasn't a cursing toy. I never knew freak was such a bad word. it seems like you guys are the ones "freaking the freak out" over some kids TV show.


Well, you very well couldn't know until you've purchased the meal, gone home, and opened the toy, so to the people who aren't parents yet giving their opinions, think it through a little better. OBVIOUSLY we wouldn't have bought it if we knew.

Shame on McDonalds, although we rarely bother to go there and don't go to buy toys anyway, we go to get a quick meal. Encouraging kids to talk like that just makes them brats, and worse, adults that point fingers and make *** comments about people who aren't parenting.

We don't mind parenting, we're just rolling our eyes about having to shield our young kids from a supposedly kid-friendly toy. So they won't turn YOU.


You "moms" are ridiculous asswipes. YOU are responsible for what your kids are exposed to. YOU are responsible for teaching your kids right and wrong. Don't get all law suit happy because of the word "freak".

Why don't you put your kids in giant bubbles because you lack parenting skills?

I mean, I don't live in the best neighborhood, and my kids are exposed to a LOT of things. My daughter is in 6th grade, and one of her classmates is pregnant! Does that mean I'm going to push for the school to expel that girl? That I'm going to homeschool my kids? That I'm going to sue the school and the girl's parents for exposing my daughter to that? No. I sit my daughter down and have "the talk" with her. Haha, to which my daughter says, "Mom, I know ALL about that. You don't have to worry. Boys are disgusting. I don't need a man to clean up after."



Haha, that is a well spoken win :grin


They need the spending money to get more money for drugs because they already used up their child support money from the government for beer and drugs.


basically read what Jedi said. these parents won't win their lawsuits though, they're just looking for ways to get some spending money.


"I have had the same reaction. My 3yr daughter was tunning aorund the McDonald's playhouse singing that god awful mess. I contacted McDonald's corporate and they didn't have much apology to give. So I contacted an attorney"

One thing I forgot to mention, they have toys for three and under. So your own fault.

Next you are going to complain that you bought your nine year old Grand Theft Auto and sue them because the game contains prostituting and drug dealing and stealing cares. Guess what the game was rated M, just like the toys say 5 and up. You did not read the age requirements your fault. You can't sue for lack of parenting. It is your choice to see if the toys you bought for your children are suitable for their age group.

Mom to 3 girls sometimes pre teens and teens also get happy meals and not all parents are uncool like yours.


So glad I'm not the only one upset by this. My 8 year old even commented that the show is about teenage life so I asked her why they would be putting that in a happy meal for small kids.


well it looks like the soccer moms of America are getting together to take down a McDonalds toy.


I agree with most of the posts! I never thought of myself as a parent that would be offended by a MCDonalds toy...

But here I am!! "my best friends brother is the on for me", was repeated by my 5 year old "/


You can thank Barack Obama and his cronies for this.


I thought freak the freak out was bad....then my little girl was given the best friend's brother one. I then immediately posted on fb and twitter and googled for other complaints.

I will be contacting as many of McDonalds people as I can. McDonalds was always supposed to be a safe environment for kids. This garbage they are trying to expose our kids to is inappropriate at any age.

They will have our girls regress back to the days before women's rights if they can! I am absolutely appalled and yes I took the toy away and my daughter "freaked the freak out"; something that should never have had to happen.


Also for those of you who still have the toy you can still exchange it you know.


June, there is always the choice of that getting the toy for children under three as you say. Then there is a spy gear toy.

Instead of people like April suing for their lack of parenting they should have asked for another toy since they are given choices of what toy to have in the child's happy meal. Quit freaking the freak out and do your job as a parent and choose a different toy for your bundle of joy.

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