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I guess the McDonald's at Military and Summit has gotten too big and fancy for the little people since undergoing its recent renovation. I wonder when they will start taking reservations and serving caviar.

Today I was asked to leave because I didn't order something immediately when I walked in. That's not unusual. I go there all the time and often I sit and do some stuff on my computer before ordering. This morning I was told to order or leave.

The manager should have just kept her mouth shut and I would have got something as I normally do. But when she ordered me to do it, I became defiant. She even called a sheriff's deputy to escort me out. Really great way to do business lady.

Now I won't be doing any ordering at your location.

You lost a regular customer. If you want to be such a great manager of a five-star McDonald's, have your workers hose the bird *** that's all over your new front terrace area instead of harrassing your customers!

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Sounds to me anonymous like you have drunk some McDonald's Kool-Aid. By defiant, I meant I was going to order on my own time, not the manager's.

But when the sheriff was called, I certainly wasn't going to order at all. I've been to many McDonald's and not had any sort of treatment such as this.

I'll eat or drink when I want to, not when a McDonald's employee tells me I need to. Thanks for your inane comment.


Is this a new manager, if so it equals new manager, new rules. But then on the other hand why don't you order first, then do your computer stuff?

I used to work in a fast food place and when people came in with their laptops, they ordered, before even taking a table, then when they received their order they went and found a table. Sometimes they sat there for an hour or more after finishing eating, and nothing was said. The reason the sheriff was called was because you became defiant.

Maybe you should grow up and learn to mind your manners.

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