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I don't approve of MacDonald's because they don't serve 7 portions of fruit and Veg a day and not serving healthy food so it's making everyone obese so they end up dieing Young so I think they should ban MacDonald's or make it healthy. So I think you should think seriously of this obesity crisis.

I hope you will make it more healthy or close it down. Or at least make the food lest fattening and smaller portions. Please consider the children's health.

Also the meat in their is not real meat it's made out of intestines and the meat is not free ranged meet so cruel to animals.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Political correctness
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You are a jack@ss. You aren't suppose to eat at McDonalds everyday, it's an occasional treat and you can eat there healthy if you want. But if you are trying to eat there everyday, like some tool like yourself, yes you are going to run out of healthy things to eat.


Who do you think you are anyway? You are free to eat whatever you want, but it isn't any of your business what other people eat.


Sorry it was really late at night so was tired so was not thinking so how do I take it of.? I don't mean what I put i just am a healthy person and was just trying to be caring because I want people to live longer and be healthy


Oh whatever. You're just making excuses now.


Wow... ♥

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