Livingston, New Jersey

Now adays ppl dnt give to *** about being friendly an polite ...i usually dont complane just bush it off but the pplat the mcdonalds on main st in toledo ohio have lost my respects an will no longer be going there!!! They are nasty in costumer service an some shouldnt be there ...i say give the job to someone who will do their job instead of the *** ghetto *** ppl who dont know what respect is!!

Srry for my french but a.bunch of b.s. an noone address shir employees lazy to reach there hands out the window to hand u ur stuff being rude an tellin ppl at.nxt car in drive thur how u spit in someone.drink...hey *** u shouldnt talk *** cause the car behind me was my husband I bushed alot off with this mcdOnalds an im done goin there when the managers are just as nasty an laugh right along with them

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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ghetto and on welfare? I would say don't judge those kinds of people because you sound like you're the ghetto one.


"my husband I bushed alot off " I'm not sure what bushing off is, but it sounds perverted. Do your own bushing off at home - not at McDonalds.


I'm not sure what you were saying here. May I suggest you use English? Thank you.