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I don't know why it says I get your 5 stars I did not even give one star To this location or this corporation

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I am highly allergic to pork I asked several times if the burritos to be made without the pork sausage the manager came to the window assured me yes she could do it we even conveyed in Spanish to make sure she understood we get our food come home Instead of checking like I normally would do I had the managers word now I am deathly sick to my stomach throwing up ya don't understand if I would have swallowed this a could have killed me thank you McDonald's for tempted to murder me

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People do not understand when you have a Allergic reaction to a certain food This could kill people this is not a joke get it straight Before your do kill someone Instead of writing a review someone would have been writing my eulogy And then I'm sorry to little bit too late And all the money in the world family member would receive would not bring that person back think about that

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We were thinking about all that. That's why we're trying to help you build a tolerance so it doesn't happen in the future. You're welcome.

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