Corpus Christi, Texas
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Tonight, I went through a drive through at McDonald’s in Weber and Saratoga at midnight.

I waited an hour just for my food to still not be ready and was told to pull up.

The management is awful but was fast to take my money as I waited another 12 minutes!

3 cars behind left and 1 car in front of me had the wrong order.

I didn’t even get a receipt! But I have proof on my debit card!

Once I got my food, my fries were cold as *** and my nuggets were stale!

I had been craving to eat there, but 1 bad experience, never will I eat there again and I will be sure to left everyone know too!

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Do we crave things we've never tried or is it a memory inspired event ? Perhaps "addicted" is a bit much, but I'm not convinced the companies haven't studied human psychology to locate and identify eating behavior triggers and chemically cater to whatever short term reaction the body and mind prefer.


Gregory, the craving is natural body reaction. Sometimes because you crave something it doesn't mean the person is addicted.

You as a customer can return the food and request a refund. O the simple answer is do not go to a fast food restaurant after 10 pm.


Now keep that promise to never eat there again. I don't like the sound of the word "craving" and it's probably for the best that you cut it out of your life before it becomes a serious problem.

I think some of their ingredients play with your mind and cause some people to do as you said , crave. Kind of ***