Kissimmee, Florida

I went through the drive thru McDonalds I ordered the steak egg and cheese meal with a coke when I pull up to the window she handed me my food and I had to wait about 5 minutes for my coke after that I pulled away from the window but something told me to check my order sure enough my sandwich was missing the grilled onions I get out of my car go inside I go up to the counter I tell her she takes my bagel rudely takes it back after 5 people got their orders 1 of them was steak egg and cheese I finally walk back up and ask her about my bagel rudely she snapped at me and tells me it will be out when is ready I finally get my bagel I go out to my car and I check my bagel and they handed me back to very same bagel with 2 pieces of grilled onions on it and I know it was the same bagel because I purposely took a *** at the steak before I handed it back to them when I came out and check it was the same *** so aggravated I threw my food away it was a horrible experience and I will never eat at McDonalds again because it

Monetary Loss: $5.

  • McDonald's
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I feel for ya. Every time I go thru I'm missing something.

EVERY Time it's not only a waste of money But my time. And if I can't stop what I'm doing to go back for my missing items, they can't do anything. Why are we the people who keep them in business the ones to lose?

The only reason I even go is for my kids. U would think they'd get their *** together _


Be quiet Badgirl!