Sacramento, California

I've gone to 3 different mcdonlds in the sacramento Area its sad to say that Ive had a nad Experience in all of them! The wait time to get my food at the Florin and franklin one was 40 minutes during breakfast!

To make matters worse a big part of the dining room and the kids area was closed because they were cleaning! That is so unproffesional because they could have cleaned the night before so it could be ready for customers the next morning when they open...Then the other day I went to the mcds on Florin and stockton just to order smoothies and frappe's and it took them 10 minutes to get my drinks!

As I was walking to the counter to find out why they were taking so long, I heard the girl who made them tell the cashier who was busy taking an order, that she had no idea who ordered those drinks and just left them there on the counter, the cashier wasn't paying attention either, I just grabbef them and left... I don't eat fast food often, but when I do, Ill be taking my family to Burher king or some where else but not mcds, I love the food but hate the sevice.

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From experience, most of the time, depending on how busy the place is, cleaning becomes an issue when the customers have huge orders. Personally, I can see where they would need special time to clean an area, especially, if they were slamming the night before.

What customers MUST realize is, you're not the only one ordering and you do not know that people do order 15 mcdoubles at a time. DO you realize how much these people do and put up with? A *** of a lot. So show a little respect to these people.

They are just like you, at your job. Working *** hours and getting little in pay to support their families.


Burhur King... Really?

Burhur?! :x :grin


Wasn't there enough room in the part of the dining room that was open for you? My opinion of kids areas in any restaurant, mall, store, is that they should be abolished.

It won't hurt kids to learn how to behave in a public setting. So what you are saying is that the night time employees should have stayed after the store was closed to do the cleaning.

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