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I wrote to McDonald's for 2 reasons 1. to tell them that i order twice a week using a food app and why don't they ever provide coupons for the apps and for those customers.

In the palm of our hand is a choice of many restaurants so those of us that choose McDonalds are overlooking all the others in our hand but a drive thru or pickup or eat in could just be driving by or it may be the closest option for food yet they get coupons all the time. and 2 I had questions about a product

I got a reply from Colin in Winnipeg and he said we don't have coupons for the food apps and this product is discontinued due to covid. Ok well thanks but i asked why i already knew you did not have i was wondering why not so thanks for answering with what i already knew and ok you discontinued the Danishes. So i replied back with a 'that was not an answer you told me what i already knew' and that was it he never replied back.

i called a couple of weeks later because of a promo and thought you know you can send me promos but you can't reply to a bloody email.

Karma has it that I get who but Colin and I said are you the same one that replied to me and he said give me the case number, I do and it turns out, same Colin. Extremely monotone voice, super uninterested and not what i expected from McDonalds. He basically goes in for his shift and clocks in hours but is not present, I told him so. if I took the time while running my own business to email him back then he should have taken the time to reply, and he said he can't always reply.

So i asked to speak to a supervisor, and he put me on hold for 10min and returned with 'there is no supervisor' oh there isn't or you don't want to connect me to one and he hung up.

I email the company back from their site and tell them about this experience. Now i am naming names of employees so not just a random message through the site but very specific. 3 weeks and no reply. This is what it says when you send the online basically another lie

We are on it.

Thank you for reaching out.

Your loyalty means a lot to us. Now its our turn If you've asked to be contacted, well be sure to follow up with you to continue the conversation.

User's recommendation: don't bother to write to them, they don't care to reply and if they do their reply will not answer your question and will just frustrate you.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Pros: Good price, Food is actually good.

McDonalds Cons: Poor management, Guest relations, No reply, Staff, Relations.

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They don't provide coupons to you because they know that they have you hook, line & sinker because you are a junk food junkie.


who demands loser and why don't you mind your own business you piece of *** from yesterday's order you *** if you can read. 8 Ketchup Packets [10.0 Cals] CA$0.00 1 Double Hamburger [320.0 Cals] CA$2.49Extra for Double HamburgerExtra Onions [5.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)Extra Pickles [1.0 Cals] (CA$0.00) 2 Mango Pineapple Smoothie [200.0 Cals] CA$4.79Select SizeLarge [320.0 Cals] (CA$1.10) 15 Pepper Packets [0.0 Cals] CA$0.00 1 Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal [560-990 Cals] CA$8.59Side ItemLrg French Fries [560.0 Cals] (CA$0.40)DrinkLrg Coke Zero [2.0 Cals] (CA$0.30)Extra for Double CheeseburgerExtra Onions [5.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)Extra Pickles [1.0 Cals] (CA$0.00) 1 French Fries [240.0 Cals] CA$3.29Select SizeLarge [560.0 Cals] (CA$1.30) 1 6 Li'l Donuts [960-**** Cals] CA$4.99DonutApple Fritter Donut [180.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)DonutBoston Cream Donut [190.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)DonutStrawberry Jelly Powdered Donut [160.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)DonutApple Fritter Donut [180.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)DonutBoston Cream Donut [190.0 Cals] (CA$0.00)DonutStrawberry Jelly Powdered Donut [160.0 Cals] (CA$0.00) 2 2 Baked Apple Pies [270.0 Cals] CA$1.79 3 Big Mac Sauce [170.0 Cals] CA$0.30 SubtotalCA$33.42 Service FeeCA$3.34 TaxCA$4.26 Delivery FeeCA$0.99 TipCA$6.30 Amount Charged covermodels@***.com | Switch CA$42.01 covermodels@***.com | Switch CA$6.30 Visit the trip page for more information, including invoices (where available) ... [Message clipped] View entire message


Stop looking for free food/ coupons. Open your own store and do as you please. You have no right to demand anything.

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