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I am writing to complain about the unacceptable treatment that I received in your restaurant today ...

After a long duty in hospital i went to Jabriya branch in Kuwait to bring food for my sons at 00:45 AM ..

I went directly by my car to Car service row ... Then the man came to me and i ordered

1 big tasty meal (medium) with orange juice as a drink

1 chicken deluxe sandwitch.

i gave him 10 KD and waited fir change ..

he came back after a while giving me change for 5 KD ..

i told him i gave you ten not five ... he said ok ok .. sorry

Then when i came home i didn't find the big tasty sandwitch ...

i called them back and the lady in charge said i will investigate and i will call you back ... after a few minutes she called me and said tomorrow we will give you ...

i told her this is for my sons ... how can i give one of them and told the other tomorrow ..

it is not my fault at all miss ..

then she said i will call you back ... then she called again saying carelessly i can't do anything for you ... She was nervous like it is my fault ..

I never face this situation before in any fast food restaurants or with my sons who are Mcdonalds addicts ...

but it is time for them to change their minds ..

We felt the whole ambiance was very unprofessional with no traditional care and attention. very disappointing indeed.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you pass it onto your employees, so that they know what a bad impression they have made.

I trust that you will seriously consider our complaint and give us a reasonable explanation.

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Port Royal, South Carolina, United States #869802

The problem is you went to McDonalds and expected a fine dining experience. Everyone knows you have to check the food before you leave. If you waited til you got home that's on you.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #869799

Your sons should not be McDonalds addicts... unless they want to be addicted to open heart surgeries.

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