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I spoke with the general manager in regard to my concern, so there's no need to address anything. For the record I went to the location on Clairmont Road.

The girl who worked in the drive through didn't speak when spoken to. As a customer, she didn't greet me, either. I asked her aren't you supposed to thank the customer? She raised her shoulders in a sarcastic way and closed the window in my face.

I then spoke with the manager on duty in regard to her behavior. He basically informed me that McDonald's isn't paying their worker enough for their employees to obey McDonald's policy's. I informed him, so basically you are condoning her behavior. I was informed that the employees would be written up, but personally, that type of negative behavior is a toxic trait.

You can't train someone to be a decent individual. The saddest thing is neither her nor the manager on duty knew what she was thanking me for. That's even worse than far as a training situation.

I honestly feel both of them should have been terminated immediately. Thats ridiculous Thanks

User's recommendation: If you are not getting adequate customer service file a complaint.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I am pretty old and I have NEVER had all these drama infused situations people on here seem to have. I am polite, respectful and I find that when you are polite and respectful to people, they act in kind. If you show you behind to a $10/hr employee, they aren't paid enough to deal with that nonsense.

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