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I went to McDonald's my local McDonald's to order some food on late night and I pulled up and made my order waited for about 10 minutes and the lady gave me my food now they already look like they didn't want to work like I was bothering them I received my food pulled off started tasting my fries and my fries was DRENCHED and oil as if they were old fries that they refried and put them straight in the fries box straight from out of the oil and the apple pies that I ordered was extremely soggy and in a cookie bag instead of being in an apple pie box...so I turned back around went back to McDonald's waited another 10 minutes pulled up and ask them if I could have my money back so that I can go to another McDonald's that is going to give me my full correct well the lady got mad because I wanted my money back and her co-worker came up and had an attitude about me wanting my money back and said if you didn't like your food that's all you had to say you don't have to ask for your money back... The supervisor stepped in and tried to fix the situation I waited another 10 minutes he gave me fresh fries and I thought that the apple pie was correct but it wasn't. I was too tired to ask them to correct it again so I started to drive home I got home what's eating my fries and decide to start eating my burger in I bit into my burger and noticed that there was little to no ketchup nor did it have onions on it like it's supposed to be made it was dry and the burger was old so I am upset hungry and can't eat my food out of fear that I am going to get food poison again smh I am upset and I want my money back!

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Stop trying to get free food. Get off your *** and get a job!

Stop saying "Gimmedat" and say "Do you have a job application I could fill out?". You people never want to work.

Just leech off of my tax dollars. Does the nail salon accept EBT cards now?


Stop making assumptions or accusations about others. Someone needs to put you into your spot.

You want to be an jerk to others.

Were going to treat you like an jerk. It's sad and bad people like you are always going be mean and nasty just looking for attention!


All you blacks do is complain.


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And all you're doing is being racist. So much hate and arrogance!


And it's so sad and bad people like you play the race card. Let's hope someone discovers who you are and fires you for the way you're acting.

Unacceptable. Your comment shows and displays who you are as an person.


Most likely what you are forgetting to mention is the real reason the lady was angry was because you wanted your money back but refused to return the food. Seems like you ate the food anyway.

If you have no issue eating the food, you should have issue paying for it. Cannot afford to then visit a soup kitchen or make your own food. Unless you return the food you should not get your money back.

I doubt that you did not eat your food. If you really did not you would be able to return it.


You're seriously complaining that your pie wasn't served in a pie box? Were you intending to eat the box?

Why else would you need the box so badly that you would drive back to the drive-thru and demand and demand a new pie in a box?

And you seriously believe you would get food poisoning because there was not enough ketchup on your burger? You are a real piece of work.


Can you comprehend what you read? They stated the meat was old.


Anonymous, are you a fool. If you could comprehend what you read you would know that the OP is making things up to get her food for free.


People know that this customer is fabricating and lying! And people are allowed to call this person out and confront this person. Clearly you don't know from right and wrong!


This is what you get when you pay McDonalds prices. That said...kudos on the ridiculously overdramatic food poison comment. Good grief.