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I go to Mcdonalds every morning for coffee and a week ago went to the one in Bellvue Pa now I take my coffee cream no sugar seems simple enough we'll not at this place. First it took 15 minutes and that was with one other person in line.

While several employees sat and talked the others were lost anyway I finally got my coffee delicious if you want diabetes on the spot had plenty of sugar so I sent back. The employee I guess manager stared at me I almost asked them to press one for English cause I didn't know if they understood me however they did make it again perfect except no ice so try number 3 and yes they got it right and still wanted to charge me after a small argument got it for free never go there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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Here's a better idea. How about making your own coffee at home? Our do you just get a kick out of complaining?

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