Oak Hill, West Virginia

I had thirty minutes before I had to be at work so I was looking for a fast and convenient place to grab a *** to eat along with a friend. So we decided on a fast food place, the closest being McDonald's. we had two separate orders mine being a South West grilled chicken salad, a medium fry and a large caramel frape. It cost around $10. My friend orders a number 14 size medium meal with a sweet tea. We pay and go to the second window where they hand me the frape and then direct us to go wait in the parking lot for the rest of our food. I thought that was odd and I thought it was strange that we never received my friends sweet tea either. So we waited. And waited. And waited... At least 5 cars that were behind us got their food and we had yet to receive ours. We asked about it twice as the lady roamed from car to car and she just said it'll be out soon. She didn't even bother to as what we had ordered. She also decided to take a smoke break even though it was lunch rush and extremely busy. Finally my salad was brought out but there were no fries nor my friends order. We had had it.

We decided to go inside since it had been 20 minutes since we ordered. We waited patiently in line and upon arrival we informed the cashier of the situation. I got my fries 2 minutes later but still no number 14. We asked AGAIN about it and they gave us a time of 2-3 minutes before it would be ready. So 7 minutes later we received the meal but no sweet tea and no apology. I was about to tell the manager that I was absolutely appalled by their service but decided not to. Instead I'll be telling the world on here.

Thanks Pissed Consumer!!

<3 Kelly and Kaitlynn

Monetary Loss: $17.

  • mcdonalds drive thru
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