Columbia, South Carolina
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I watched as the girl took my order then picked up the broom & dustpan and started sweeping around the front counter area. After 3 minutes or so the fires were ready and she put the broom & dustpan to the side and went to the fry station were she then picked up the fry box from the inside and continued to put fries in the boxes.

As I watched my mind said NO. When she handed me my order (2-McDoubles & 2 small fries)....I said "sweetie I need to see the manager". She said" what's wrong?" I then went on to tell her that she was wrong to seep then without washing her hands handle food. she never went to get the manager but another employee heard the discussion and the manager came to the counter asking what happened.

I then told her and she made the comment that it's a result of bad home training. I said "not only bad home training but you're standing here while she's still scooping up fries and handling the food." Sound like everyone needs training. I got my money back and have not been back to that McDonald's location since. It' only a 5 minute walk from my residence but I will drive to 2 other locations where the customer service is at least 50% better.

McDonald's is not the way it use to be say back in the 80's & 90's.

The employees act like we owe them something. What happened to great customer service & good hygiene around food?

  • badly trained employees
  • terrible shift managers
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Before you go around calling someone old enough to work a "girl" aka a child, learn how to spell. It is spelled fries not fires, it is spelled sweep, not "seep".

I would think that if you were alive in the 80's and 90's you would know how to spell "sweep" and "fries".

Eight year olds know hot to spell those simple words. Before you refer to anyone as a child learn how to spell.


Did she actually touch the fries, or did she just touch the container and the scoop that she used to put the fries into the container. I'm sure the sandwiches were wrapped previously.

Good heavens!

back in the day people didn't wear gloves when they actually touched the food, and we never heard of people becoming ill or even dying from that.

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