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I went to Mcdonalds on Pleasanton because i was with a friend and her family and they wanted to go to the place with the minorities because they were feeling "adventurous" shortly after we saw bajirao majistani in one of the previews at the drafthouse so we decided to go to this one which is mostly on the black part of town but it is not the ghetto its like a middle class sub division that just happens to have a large population of black people and mexicans. we went to the mcdonalds and we saw like one or two but then there was the lady from the register i couldn't tell what she was but she definitely didn't speak english and we said if we could have a double mcchicken which ive been able to get at the other places without any problems other than sometimes they skimp out on the mayo but this lady acted like i was asking her to solve the biggest mystery in the universe and simply refused to listen to my demands despite me raising my voice and shaking my finger and what not.

so when i finally got my food it was just that one patty and i went back and explained to her the situation but she said that she had already charged me and for me to go back in line but my friend and her family were already eating so i said it was ok and yeah the container for the fries is a joke i might as well have gotten a happy meal at least i could have gotten one of those *** pokemon action figures to make up for the fact that i was also disappointed at the lack of diversity in the environment. i really wish that if they were going to have people that can barely understand the language to at least learn the menu because thats what i went there for and i will probably go back but ill just wait for the different lady because that one was very rude and probably from one of those countries that the us put those trade sanctions on, and also the only flavor they have for mcflurry is oreo even now that its christmas they should have the candy cane, it tastes like toothpaste but its a welcome change because i've been eating mcdonalds for almost 30 years and ive never been satisfied completely in one visit i hope things change because the economy is getting worse i wouldn't be surprised if the entire city is just one big ghetto like in houston

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I just read your review, and it seems like it is you not them having trouble speaking English. Not only is your review poorly written, but you seem to mistake being told no as rudeness.


>refused to listen to my demands despite me raising my voice and shaking my finger and what not.

I wouldn't have listened to you either. What is wrong with you? Normal people don't react this way.

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