4418 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
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Our Order was completely messed up i have been calling the store for 3 Days at S.W 44th and Shields Okc, Ok no one will answer the phone. I called the phone number the GM Gracie had given me its the wrong number! Give me my money back or make it right, im sick of all this crap!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: ORDER TOTALLY WRONG.

Monetary Loss: $24.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

McDonalds Cons: Order wrong totally.

  • Cant Admit When They Are Wrong
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Maybe they have the ringer turned off by mistake. That happened to me once when I was living in the middle of nowhere and people were very worried about me because I wasn't answering my phone.

I couldn't answer it because the ringer switch was turned off. I didn't even know that anyone was trying to call me.

Finally someone showed up and was banging on my door and when I answered it they asked me why I wasn't answering the phone and that everyone was very worried about me and to check my ringer. Maybe the people working in that McDonalds get alot of calls from angry customers and they simply turned the ringer off so that they won't have to hear the phone ringing all day, but they still can call out if they need to.


If I was manager, I would NEVER answer the phone, period.


Your word is not sufficient. You will get zero traction because you either ate the food or threw it away.

Two actions that negate any refund or remake of the order. You did not address this before leaving the property. You are out of luck.

Your only course of action is to never eat there again. I’m sure your heart and waistline will thank you.


They ate the food. They are lying about it being terrible because they cannot afford to eat out.


Sure can't and the way they change managers its crazy!!


The only way they can give you your money back is if you have return the food that you "did not" eat. Otherwise you have no right asking for your money back.


Make it right then!!


They will make it right if the liar returns the uneaten food. The OP is a liar that wants a free meal because she cannot afford to feed herself.