Muscle Shoals, Alabama
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10/28/2016 I decided to stop by 1503 Woodward Ave., Muscle Shoals, AL, 35661 to get something to eat and use my app for the free medium fries on fridays. I almost never eat at McD's, maybe once every few years.

Tonight about 7:20-7:25 I was waiting in line and a few seconds before I was able to order I noticed the girl at the fry station stopped to change out a trashcan bag. The problem I had was that she didn't wash her hands after touching a filthy trashcan. She went straight from the trashcan to the fry station. I said something to her about it and that it was a health violation and she threw up her hands so I asked the male cashier if he would eat food after someone had touched a trash can and he said: "I don't care" and shrugged his shoulders.

I said is this normal to handle trash and then food immediately he said: "I don't care, may I take your order?" I said no thank you, not now, I don't want to get sick. Right before I walked out of the store I asked several customers if they would eat food after someone touched a trash can and they just shrugged and said "yeah". I will never ever eat food from McDonalds ever again in my life and I will tell every single person I meet about my experience. What should have happened is that employees should be trained to be more sanitary.

I have worked in the food industry for years, I have run kitchens and have maintained 99% health rating. All she would have had to do was apologize and say, you're right, let me go wash my hands. The same with the cashier, just apologize and try to make it right. They acted like they were offended and that they could not care less.

The last time I was there, they were handling money and then food immediately afterward.

Never again McDonalds, never again will I visit. I am calling corporate tomorrow if this message doesn't make it there first.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Unsanitary Food Practices
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You harassed other customers who were trying to eat? Dude, I would have told you to get the *** away from my table. If that bothered you, best you probably not eat out anywhere again!


You must be a Hillary supporter----weak and afraid of everything in life. Time to grow up, sport.