Aston, Pennsylvania

I was eating a saladrom McDonalds and found a cricket leg in my salad. What can McDonalds do for me???

This was in the Bear, DE McDonalds

In DEC 2011.

While eating the salad I felt something sharp in my mouth and when I pulled i out and cleaned it off, I notice it had barbes on the leg. This could have cut me in my mouth and in my smoach and so forth. Not sure it could have gotten in the salad because it is sealed. I would like to know from someone if there is any advice on how to handle this. I'm not gonna take it into the restaurant and get a free burger. Not good enough

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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im glad you put this here now i have some thing for a progect in school :)

ps i feel badfor u :upset


I don't think that was a ckicket. I found what I thougth was one and haven't been to a McDonalds in 7 years. :eek


I have seen some big crickets but to notice a leg that was mixed in with a fork full of crunchy salad bits seems unreal. something that big should have been seen prior to being placed in your mouth.

why didnt you get the manager or call them to let them know? im sorry but your story lacks common sense.

most people would have been pissed and would have torn them a new one. sorry but i think youre a ex employee trying to cause trouble.


A cricket leg won't kill you or even cut you. Some countries eat crickets daily.

Just think of it as added protein.

Just McD's once again looking out for your health and well being :)

Next time, try frying the leg up with a bit of garlic. :D


you should have reported it when you saw it

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