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I was on my way with my Grandpa to a McDonalds in Glen Burnie off Governor Ritchie Highway for a little late-night dinner after a long day of travel. At around 10:00 PM, we pulled into the parking lot and entered the store.

Looking back, I should have set my expectations lower. As we walked up to the counter, we were greeted by a stark blonde with sizable girth, who looked fumed from the start. As my sweet old Grandpa ordered a simple, regular, old-fashioned hamburger, the lady summarily interrupted him to suggest (with force and attitude) that he buy a double cheeseburger due to it's lower cost. My Grandpa was a bit startled at first, but then decided he'd stick with his original order.

The lady behind the register once again vehemently insisted that he purchase the double cheeseburger, and again he declined. The lady concluded that conversation with a judgmental stare and an elongated mumble under her breath. My Grandpa ignored this action, and then continued on with his order. He politely asked for a sweet tea, in which the lady shoved a cup in his face.

My Grandpa did not know that the sweet tea machines are behind the counter, as must be filled by an employee. Ergo, when he walked over to the self-serving drink machines, he stood, desperately confused, as his hopeless eyes witnessed no sweet tea present. As he sulked back to the counter, he asked if the McDonalds was currently out of sweet tea, and if so, why did she give him the cup? The cashier had grown impatient with my poor Grandpa, and she yelled at him that she would have to fill the cup herself.

However, with a quick wave of the finger, she sassed him by demanding that first, he had to wait for her to mop before she could serve his drink. With no hesitation, she picked up the nearest mop and furiously started scrubbing the floor. As I recall from previous visits to McDonalds, filling a sweet tea cup only takes a matter of seconds. This young lady found it imperative to complete her time-consuming chores before helping a customer.

My Grandpa demanded that she help him first, to which she held in a fit of rage to fill up his cup and rudely tell him that he "could go now." As my dear Grandpa and I angrily walked to a table, two young boys made their advent into store to talk to the same woman we encountered. They had apparently asked, in the drive thru, for a mango drink, in which the store was currently out of. Instead of apologizing for the inconvenience, the woman snapped at them, "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT WE'RE OUT OF *** MANGO?" All of the restaurant's customers were immediately taken aback at this foul language. The older of the two boys was infuriated, and told the woman that she should and COULD NOT speak to customers that way, in which she retorted, "I can do what I want!" The boys asked to see the manager while the lady repeated this comeback over and over.

On that note, we left the store.

I was completely disgusted and outraged with the service at this particular McDonalds.

I would have my eyeballs gouged out with a grapefruit spoon than return to this hellhole of a fast food joint. Please do not come to this McDonalds.


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

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You allowed it to go that far? The moment that ratchet snake got out of line with my grandfather I would have read her the riot act and spoke with a manager, & I surely would not have sat inside there. You should have spoken up for your grandpa!!!


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I absolutly HATE mcdonalds the service is rude and always appears to be bored, the cleanliness in general is below nprmal and the food is absolutley disgusting mcdonalds is fattening kids as well as adults across the world mcdonalds shpuld just be banned all together


Pure genius. Your writing should be published.

You have such eloquence and flow that really brings that atrocious story to life.

I have much empathy for you and your innocent Grandpa, and I hope you never have to witness something as appalling again. :sigh