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I have received unacceptable service and incorrect orders in each of my last 5 visits to McDonalds. I’m not sure what is going on with your brand but the quality of products and service at McDonalds unrecognizable.

Tonight, my last time visiting your “8900 JM Keynes Dr. Charlotte NC” , we finally received the pies that had been left off our order on two prior visits, but this time they left our nuggets off the order. In the last 5 visits we have been shorted on the product we purchased and your organization is liable. In my business, I tell people to be happy to receive complaints because it means your customer is trying to stay with you.

There was a time in my life when there was McDonalds, then the others. I wish you luck in regaining that distinction once more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 8900 J M Keynes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA

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I've heard cases of where people going through the drive thru at fast food joints like McDonalds were given a takeout bag full of cash. So, they must not really be careful about what they put in there.

More often than not, it is really gross and you feel like you got gyped. I read one case where someone ordered chicken mcnuggets and after they got down the road discovered that they had been given just a cold chicken patty instead. If that had been me, I would have turned that vehicle right around and went back. It always ruins the whole dining experience when you go to McDonalds and they screw everything up like that.

If they had any decency, they would just give you your money back, PLUS make the meal right and apologize. Often they act like goofballs and their uniforms should all be clown outfits, complete with bright red nose and poofy red hair wig, just like Ronald McDonald.


Did you check your order before you left each time? Because if you didn't the problem is yours, not McDs. Must be pretty on that high horse.


Are are you Ronald McDonald? If not keep your loser mentality comments to yourself. Probably used more energy commenting on here, than putting the right items in the bag.


If you dont want to read what others think of your story then dont post on a public forum. You chose this site to complain instead of the McDonald’s web site.

Deal with it. One has to ask who the real loser is? I’m thinking it’s the OP. Basic common sense would dictate that you check your food before you leave.

If you can’t do this then don’t whine and complain because your order is wrong. YOU failed yourself by trusting without verifying. I’m not saying that not getting what you paid for is right. Quite the opposite.

What I’m saying is you did not do your part and expect everyone to buy your sob story 100%. In your head it’s easier if they are 100% wrong that way you don’t have to address the FACT that you failed on even the most basic of all purchases. I have purchased many a burger in my time and you ALWAYS CHECK YOUR ORDER!! Mistakes happen as the employees are human beings and NOT robots they plug in at night.

You are holding minimum wages employees to a higher standard then you do yourself. As evidenced by the FACT that five times you order and DID NOT CHECK YOUR PURCHASE!

The OP acts like they are better then the other HUMAN BEINGS around them and that the OP has never made a mistake ever and we should all be worshipping the OP. YOU are just another example of the dumbing of America and should show some common sense and empathy.


Durpas - Believe me if I knew I was posting on this site, not McDonalds complaint line I wouldn’t have posted anything. I don’t care about yours or anybody’s response but the Mcdondalds company.

You must be an orphan, or an abused child who was never able to trust, but I wasn’t. I don’t break out the lab equipment to test my gas before I put it in my tank, so why wouldnt I expect to get exactly what I ordered at McDonalds? I guess in your world I just walk into McDonald’s kitchen and prepare my own order, since it appears to be my job as a customer. Maybe McDonalds should post some signs saying “we are not responsible for the product you purchased” ???

When you are trying to figure out who the loser is know it’s the moron who defends the unacceptable. Jerk

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