Somerset, Pennsylvania

I am furious , this is the 3rd time, not the 1st or 2nd but the 3rd, i even asked the guy to please make sure there is extra cheese because i have not been getting it when i pay for it. if im not going to be given what i order and pay for then dont charge me for what you are not going to give me, this is BS, the workers are so LAZY , Honestly how long does it take to put extra cheese on, i am on the *** of never spending my hard earned money at another mcdonalds again, esp when i order there twice a day every day. Its Simple can i get some EXTRA CHEESE , the salad i just got has like 4 slivers of cheese, i am so mad i took a picture i wish i can upload it, have your workers do their jobs or fire them and hire someone who will do that job this is peoples food!!!!!

Oh i can add a pic AND i am uploading it, please people tell me if this looks like extra anything, 30 cents for every person who orders extra who dont get extra fills someones pockets fairly nice id say

Monetary Loss: $6.

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3 times? Since you don't want to go back you can't use this plan, but here it is any way.

First off, since you have internet you can use the receipts with the store number on them to contact McDonalds on the internet through customer support and tell them what happened. The second idea is to check the salad before you leave the store and even take video of it and you pointing it out to the manager or at least a picture with a time and date stamp and receipt. The only problem is I would not trust what they serve me after, who knows what they will do to your food after that, sorry to say!

This is the only way to do this. Even if start going to a different McDonalds check before you leave the store, right at the counter is best.


guess what that is extra cheese so stop complaining u only get 1 1/2 oz cheese to begin so u get three ounces total and that is more than that so stop complaing


you should thank them for saving your health

buy a salad without extra cheese or make your own the way you want it.


wow that salad looks like it got extra mc handled, I would not eat that. i talk to people that work at fast food places best advice is order whats on the menu no extra , otherwise stuff happens.

just common sense.

regardless i only eat mc donalds as a last resort. Chik-Fil-A, Wendys, whataburger etc much better.


Does not look like extra cheese on the salad. But what does look like extra attitude is your fkknng reddiicckk post. Cheeses Christ almighty on a stick, chill the ffokk out man.


Whats the point of getting a salad if your going to put all that extra stuff on it.


Say Cheese!


Say Cheese!


If you are so unhappy eating there why do you eat there twice a day. Myself, once a week, if that often would be enough for me.

The fact that you aren't getting extra cheese doesn't mean the employees are lazy, that is just your opinion.Are the salads pre-made and displayed in a case or are they made, when somebody orders one? Anyway if you don't like quit going there so often.


The salads ARE premade. Trust me I work there.

And tell me, why would you go to Mcdonalds for a SALAD?? I've never understood that. I am not lazy, just tired of dealing with customers that would throw such a fit over cheese.

You would have someone loose their job over it? Get a reality check please.


Ok let's review your comment. You are correct.

Why should someone be held accountable for their actions. I guess people should get paid for NOT doing their job. How about this... Try pleasing the customer by giving them what they ordered and they won't complain!

Laziness and lack of caring is basically the same in the customers eyes. It's people like you who want to make $15.00 per hour and honestly why would they pay that amount to someone who can't get the basics done in their job! It's not brain surgery to add extra cheese to a salad. You need the reality check!

If it is too much to ask for extra cheese (which he was charged for) then put a sign up stating their are no exceptions and take the *** food the way we give it to you and shut up! That seems to be your attitude here and attitudes like that drive away business. No business equals no job for you! So it wont be someone asking for you to be fired it will be YOUR lack of performance which equals no customers that will get you fired.

You should be proud to do your job and if you aren't then it is YOU who should get a job that insulates you from having to deal with customers YOU have upset by not doing YOUR job! I bet if they fired you for poor performance your co-workers would make sure the guy gets his extra cheese!

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