Dallas, Texas

I went to store number 17226 here in grand prairie t.x. Anf I orderd a quater pounder meal with a large sweet tea, 20 piece chicken nuggets 2 med fries, a med sprite and a med dr pepper.

When I got to the window the lady told me I wadnt charged for the sprite so I gladly paid for the sprite. When I got home I was missing a med fry. I tried to call the store and got an answering macine. So I left a email for the manager and no reply.

This was the worst expiriance I ever had at this mc donalds.

I had to split the fries between me and my 2 teenage boys. Not happy!

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get a hobby its only 2.00 at the most :cry :cry :cry


Next time check the bag before you leave the window.


Is this a joke?

That's not a real problem.