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Was that the Bald *** Arkansas McDonald's purchased french fries and cheeseburger and a caramel frappe at which time me my daughter and her boyfriend sat down to have our meal the girl who I had stated behind the counter had a hickey on her neck and I just asked her was that a hickey came out from behind the counter where we were eating and approached me flirting with me while we were having dinner she then went back behind the counter and some other woman then approached us and told me that I made her co-worker feel uncomfortable and that I could get my *** and get the *** out of there McDonalds at which time I told her that I paid for the food that we were eating the food which pays her paycheck and that if she wanted me to leave she could get me a bag for my fries and we would go and we would not return for no-repeat business to any McDonald's. We got our bag from another woman put our fries in our bag by time I make it to the door and get into our car we were then pulled over by the police department and told that we were trespassing if we came back on that property I think it is highly unprofessional on both of the women's part I think they should be not only reprimanded but maybe possibly even find them a new job if that's the best that they can treat your customers. Sincerely your pissed off customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Both commenting on an employees hickey and the flirting by the employee were inappropriate. Everyone here should be ashamed.


What all of you review comments fail to see that yes I did point out the trashy *** Hickey but she then followed me and my child to the area where we were sitting only to cause the disturbance herself which the cameras will show and yes we are going to be in touch and I'm sure they are supposed ask you politely to leave not come out and say get the *** out in front of numerous other customers


Despite the fact that you’re a self entitled moron, they have every right to ask you to leave. Have you forgotten that little thing called PRIVATE PROPERTY?

You don’t raise a stink that you are so and so and YOU BELIEVE you have every right to stay right where you are until YOUR conditions are met. You gather your belongings and leave period. By acting out in the store you pretty much screwed yourself over. Now you have no leg to stand on BECAUSE you chose to be aggressive and obstinate.

Had you just left and followed the correct way to handle the situation you would have cost them their job. But you didn’t. Instead you took the other route and boned yourself. You DO realize that you publicly shamed someone over what YOU THOUGHT was a hickey.

It may have been a hickey or it could have been a port wine birthmark or some other completely innocent but medical reason. Really who are YOU to call someone out publicly and at work about it? What YOU did was bad form. Poor manners and definitely NOT appropriate.

Then when admonished for your VERY POOR MANNERS and asked to leave you turn it around and play the victim. Thankfully nothing is protected online and with a simple court order McDonald’s and the employee you have chosen to not only shame in public but on the web as well, can get ALL the information needed to sue you for defamation. Yes you DO have the right to present your supposed issue but you don’t have the right to literally point any crazy buttmuncher DIRECTLY at individuals via your web rant. You gave a description and a location.

YOU have potentially put their lives in danger and all because YOU just couldn’t keep your trap shut. Must be nice to know how horrible of a person you REALLY are.

to Durpa #1613714

They have every right to leave without losing their job. I doubt that they were asked to leave for no reason.

I doubt they are telling the truth.The cameras can see why they were asked to leave. But the OP's lacks manners.I wonder what they did to make the employee feel uncomfortable. If they can write rudely about her supposed "hickey" they were probably causing trouble.

Things are definitely being left out. Even if it was a hickey none of the OP's business.


It is NOT unprofessional to call the police on a customer that creates a hostile work environment and refuses to leave when asked. Your behavior was what was unprofessional.

to FragrantNumbat #1615001

In his response he said he would leave if given a bag for his fries, so if you understand what you just read he did not refuse to leave. Get your facts straight before you open your childish mouth.

He also was not the one working so why would he have to be professional? Do you understand the meaning?

It means not exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, or generally businesslike manner in the workplace. He was not working so she should have been the one acting professionally not the customer.

to FragrantNumbat #1638897

What in the world is a FragrantNumbat?


When you refused to leave she should have called the police on you. Funny how you are the one acting like a child, and have the spelling an grammar skills of a nine year old and yet you call her a girl.

Also you do not pay her paycheck.

Mcdonald's does, and losing one customer is not going to put the store out of business. So get off your high horse and grow up.

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