Banff, Alberta

I was on vacation, living on a very healthy diet. I decided to grab a McChicken sandwhich my last night in Banff, and I woke up 5 hours later with extreme food poisoning.

I was vomiting for so long in the morning the next day my chest and stomach were all bruised up from the inside. I was also Incontinent. Never been sicker. In fact, I was hospitalized as well to get my fluids back to normal.

Since I had to spend an extra day in Banff I was late getting home and since I missed a day of work, I was fired. It was a contract job worth about $12,000 in wages. I attained my hospital records, kept my McDonald's receipt and contacted a lawyer before phoning mcdonalds with my complaint. I also asked for some compensation in the neighborhood of 12k.

When they FINALLY got back to me, the lady said food poisoning does not occur for 48 hours after you eat something. I call ***, I am a healthy person who craps every 6 hours or so depending what I eat, and mcdonalds tends to go through even faster. She said that I could take them to court and I would lose because they already set the standard of food poisoning. WELL THIS ISNT RIGHT!

HEALTHY PEOPLE'S DIGETIVE SYSTEM WORK DIFFERENTLY THAN THAT! As far as I'm concerned they still owe me for my suffering and job loss, and I will never return to one of their stores.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

  • Minimum wage
  • Nutrition
  • McDonald's
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Did the doctors actually run tests to determine if it was food poisoning? There is a really nasty stomach flu going around that has been mentioned on the news several times.

It hits without any advance warning. You feel perfectly OK, and all of a sudden you are ill. I was in bed for 1 1/2 days with it. Other people that I know were in bed anywhere from one to two days.

A lot of people also don't fully recover from it for several days. It was about six weeks ago that I had it, and there are still some foods that I don't feel like eating.


It happened a couple years ago, I doubt that it was anything like that because I was traveling with a van load of people. We mostly ate all the same stuff on our trip, except that one thing and of course I was the only one to get sick.