y'all think we are intentionally rude , not the case . we get treated like royal *** .

i been bullied by a manager and crew member and when i said something i was the that was wrong , no i wasn't trained properly , honesty we don't get trained we are thrown to the wolves . i believe customers are always right but our crew members make it to where y'all think we are all the same . and we are not !ive only worked here maybe 3 ,4 months . and i had high hopes to become a crew trainer they say its u to you well im still waiting .

they let people just come in whenever when we need them at a certain time and lay around . i seen the owner so many times it isn't even funny . honestly i don't blame y'all for not coming anymore . this place makes me sick .

nobody cares about the customers . i was totally blown away with the things i have seen and the way i have been treated . i personally think it's not the owners fault it's the managers fault making a hard-working man look like a joke . the new crew members should be trained for a week , tested .

and reviewed randomly and , managers shouldnt just come out when there is a problem , i love people , i check on the customers , do things to make them happy and take notice in children because in all honesty that's the reason we are popular . just think if a crew member is being rude its because the lazy boss comes in with a tick and takes it out on good people .

I'm sorry to all that have been through *** being a customer or worker . it sucks .

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada #875562

No one is a perfect employee, we can strive to be our best but sometimes it doesn't seem like that, and yes some customers are uncalled for or rude there's no reason to sass or be rude back, we're dealing with a customer service job we need to think how they feel for example going to a Wendy's restaurant, think how you want to be treated or welcome and do the same at your work and if you are getting bullied and there's no one quit because it will only get worse , and if no manager would take a step and do there job then I'd just say adios, but that's just me :)

-former McDonald employee


Of course you think you are a perfect employee. Are you aware that nobody is perfect? Also no matter where you live, there isn't any such word as "y'all."

to anonymous #863629

Oh p*ss off.

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