I reaches out to the company 2 weeks ago and have yet to recieve a call back from the lakeside mcdonalds in salem virginia. The experience was ridiclous and the response time is either very slow or they dont care about poor customer service.

I waited in line for 15 minutes and they served the car in front of me and closed the resteraunt before i could order. When i got to the window they just told me im sorry we are closed. I asked them was it not their policy to serve the customers who were already there before closing. The man told me again were closed and he was very rude to me..

the other resteraunts had closed by that time so i was not able to get dinner for me or my husband after his 13 hour shift. Lots of respect for your fellow essential workers.

I have made many attempts to reach out to the owner and not one call has been returned. My kitchen was also being remodeled out of necessity so i could not cook at home.returned.beinremodeled

User's recommendation: I would not recommend this mcdonalds to anybody, they absolutely do not care about their customer service.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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