Dallas, Texas
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Parked my vehicle at the dallas mcdonalds on commerce st. used handicap parking as i have disabled veteran license plates on my vehicle and a handicap parking permit valid until 2014.

I look out the window of the waiting line to place an order and noticed my vehicle was gone. security guard informed me it was towed because i was away from my vehicle for a long time. there was no sign anyhwere on property dictating maximuim distance allowed to be away from vehicle nor was there a sign for a maximuim time limit allowed to use handicap parking.

this was illegal as *** but somehow it happened boycotting mcdonalds for life no member of my family for as loong as i am alive will go to this restuarant. discriminating against a disabled veteran wow.

Monetary Loss: $164.

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If you're NOT a disabled vet then you're cheating the system and ruining the reputation for all vets who are honest and disabled. What comes around goes around. Karma is a *** Next time don't break the law.


Thank you for your service.

BUT,I'm sorry, even disabled veterans need to obey the law.


I am a disabled vet. This does not mean that I can park anywhere I want for as long as I want without following the law. By the way, learn how to write and spell correctly ***!!!


why don't you see an attorney and have him send a letter demanding recompense, etc. or then sue them???