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At 1:43 PM on 8/17/15 I went through the drive through to order a McChicken Meal with only Mayo and a Sprite.

1. The McChicken Meal (sandwich and fries) were both cold when arriving back to my office 4 mins away.

2. The McChicken sandwich was requested with Mayo only, no lettuce. Instead when I got back to my office I found that there was no mayo and lettuce was added, opposite of the request.

3. McDonalds has a promotion that you can take your receipt and within 7 days of your order you may go to the website, enter the info and then receive a free sandwich. Upon returning to my office, I noticed that my receipt was never placed in my bag. Since it was not handed to me during my payment process, I assumed they would place it in my bag.

In summation:

My food was cold.

My food was not made to order.

My receipt was not included to participate in promotion.

I am a very dissatisfied customer.


Jennifer Jones

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

McDonalds Cons: Food quality.

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Its McDonald haha