Parkersburg, West Virginia
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ordered in side Bc drive thru was packed watched the vehicle we wouldve been behind go through while waiting for food to go pops were only half filled nuggets and fries were old/cold didn't get 1 order of fries - past few visits there were the same way but friendly employees regardless and I usually go there for the accuracy other customers were also waiting as drivethru seemed more important 2 state employees had already been there waiting on their lunch break another customer asked for light ice and cup was more ice than pop I had asked for no ice

Monetary Loss: $10.

  • old n cold food and left out items
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As a whole drive throughs are given priority, that being said orders are usually filled in the order that they show up on the computers. If I remember right you can't go by the one that can be seen by the drive up window.

I find it real hard to believe that your nuggets and fries were old and cold. They are only allowed to leave the food under the heat lamps for a certain period of time, and after that it gets thrown away. Your complaint would be a lot more credible if you would capitalize and spell properly, instead of using the Texting method of spelling. "Ordered" should have been capitalized, there is no such word as "Bc," "would've" should have had the apostrophe in it that I added.

There are so many errors in your complaint that I won't continue with listing them. I honestly feel you were making most of this up.