well i am a senior citizen and i apply for a job in early sept i had put my application online and call them and they always put claim to get back never and i call and call still no nothing i am in terre haute ind and i had did this to two location one on 46 and another on wabash no nothing either they don't like hiring seniors are diff colors i had even call the main company they did not want to talk. so i am just letting the public know if you need a job DO NOT GO MACDONALDS they will *** to the cows come home

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I'd much rather have a senior citizen take my order, than some 16 year old tw@t.


Quit playing the race/age card. Did it ever occur to you that at the current time they don't need more employees?

A lot of businesses advertise for employees when they don't need them, so that they have applicants available. There is always something in fast food places that seniors can do. I do know if you keep calling that will go against you because you are being a pest, and interrupting the current employees from doing their jobs.

It also might help if you improved your capitalization and grammar. I'm sure there are other places in your town to apply for jobs.

to anonymous #882440

Yes, because clearly proper grammar and capitalization is a strict requirement to work at McDonald's. If that is the case, please tell, how is your own McJob coming along?

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