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Was staying in a hotel a block away and while enjoying the pool, decided to go to McDonalds around the corner and get some burgers for my family. I dried off and put a sarrong around my waist!

While we were still waiting in line in McDonalds a store manager said I had to leave because I needed to put a shirt on! I was imbarrased, mad, and ready to go to war! I walked outside the door, unfolded my sarrong and changed it from a skirt to a strapless dress, and walked back in ready to raise *** if she denied me service again! Lucky for both of us that she didn't!

I heard whispers and snickers while she told another employee about me! I'm pissed!!! It's a McDonalds located in a 2 block area choked with hotels that have swimming pools and all types of restraunts! We just moved to Florida from Hawaii where no one would ever get kicked out for wearing a halter bathing suit top and a sarrong!

Shame on McDonalds for trying to make me feel like I was innapropriate! Should I sue and teach them a lesson????

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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There is nothing unreasonable about asking you to leave. A halter bikini is not a shirt.

It would have been less troubling if you had changed your sarrong into a strapless dress in the first place. No shirt, no shoes, no service. You weren't at the beach. You were at a family restaurant and your halter bikini was inappropriate.

I don't care how mad my comment makes you.

Get some common sense.


It's a family establishment, not the beach. It isn't unreasonable for them to request you wear a shirt.


Wait, seriously? In Florida?

I mean in like Idaho or something I'd understand, but here in FL? I see people in skimpy little bikini tops or with no pants (bikini bottoms) all the time.

Sounds like they overreacted a bit, though I don't honestly think it was that big a deal. Certainly not something you can sue over.


@Littleville: First of all, I am a college graduate and you should check your own ***(by the by) ***!

@Sweetie: For your information, a halter style bikini shows less *** than an evening gown! And who you calling a Hussie? You don't even know me! But that's okay... you must not have a life if you have time to comment on a post without any hint of intelligence! Buwahahaha!

@Xepher09: Obviously you have no sense of the law and why people sue! People sue so that the same mistake won't be made in the future! It doesn't have to be a huge amount and should reflect the level of the offense!

@Ray: I have stayed in several upscale resorts including the Hilton Waikoloa and the Hyatt Waikiki and nope... you can go straight from the beach or pool to and from your room! No signs posted restricting bathing suits!!!

@me: Money hungry ***????? 8) Uh... don't think so! I own my own home in Hawaii thank you very much!!! I'm doing just fine!!! :grin

Some people have no life with these kind of retorts I swear! But that's okay... opinions are like ***... everyone has one!!! :grin :p :grin :p :grin :p :grin :p


You were "imbarrased"? Maybe you should learn to read and spell at a high school level before you worry about suing.

By the by from that story you so do not have a case. Just saying.


Serves you right for not dressing normally. Not everybody wants to see your halter bikini while they are eating.

Get a life hussie. :grin


If you don't want to be kicked out of some place for dressing inappropriately, then maybe you should dress appropriately. It doesn't matter if you could wear a bikini and sarong in a McDonalds in a completely different state, they don't tolerate that form of dress and that's that.

The only result from you trying to sue them would be any lawyer you try to get laughing you out of their office.


If you're from Hawaii you know that hotels in Wikiki require you to wear a cover-up just to walk though the lobby to and from the pool.


Sue on what grounds?


Sue for what money hungry M O R O N ???????? :grin :grin :grin :grin