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i have been to mcdonalds 4 times and i get a kids meal for my son and when i tell the cashier its for a boy they always give me the girls toys. the toys for this time is power rangers and julius the monkey and i have been getting the monkey for my son.

i have complianed bout it and they still havent done anything and when i speak to the managers they tell me the rangers go to the boy and monkey goes to the girls but nothing hasnt changed its making me mad, the workers need to know what goes to what. my son has already missed out on 3 power rangers and he crys bout it cuz its already to late to go back and change it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #546011

since when are monkeys for girls..? and if your kid wants a power ranger toy that bad, go to Walmart and buy one.


Myself, I wouldn't bother getting those chintzy toys. I would tell the cashier to keep the toy.

I used to work in a fast food place and we had bags set up with the toys already in them, so that the person filling the orders only had to put the food in the bag. The person taking the order usually isn't the one filling the order.

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