Shawnee, Oklahoma

UR EMPLOYS AT 9260 NW 39 Ave Gainesville fl 32606 ph 352-377-9800 WE SHOWED UP ABOUT 1145 pm and was told rudely that we can't have what we ordered 1 medium sprite 1 fish shandwitch and b4 we could finish the order we got snapped at saying mam you can't have what you won't we are getting ready to close in 10-15 min and I am in the CSR BUSINESS and as someone in CSR I don't appreciate being snapped at as a coustamer do not come in to this store we went to Wendy's and hey made our food fresh it was hot just came out of the Grease.

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I've seen your *** reviews too many times, here.

The word is CUSTOMER, not COSTUMER. Jeezus! Buy a fricking dictionary!


Smarty pants, IF you are in customer service you would know how to spell. There isn't a word spelled "UR" or "b4." There also isn't a word spelled "sandwitch" or "coustomer." When you go to a business that close to their closing time you can't expect them to fire everything up just to fulfill your order.

Furthermore, if you were actually as smart as you think you are, you would know this is a McDonald's web site. You make it sound like you think you are complaining on a McDonald's site, instead of a general complaint site.

You might be a CSR, in a business, but I have never heard of anything called a CSR Business. It's time to grow up.


I am confused. Who said they were in customer service? Some punctuation might have cleared that up.


You're a liar. You're no customer service rep.

you can't even spell, oh mighty lame one. Go back to your fantasy world you dip ***, and soak your head!