Birmingham, Alabama

I went to store 1388 drive-thru. Ordered and paid for my food.

Got to the second window and was asked for my receipt, I gave it to her. She fixed my food( after verifying the receipt). I drove a few feet checked the order and as usual it was wrong. I sent my son back in there and it took so long I ended up going inside.

They had the bag but just walking around holding it, fixing ordered around him. Finally she walked over to the fry machine and turned around and gave the same bag back still missing the same food. I handed thebag back and told her it was still wrong. She went back to the fry machine and put a fry in the bag.

When I checked it, the fries were all too hard and the nuggets were overcooked and I just ended up throwing the food away.

This is not the first time I've had this problem with store 1388. I go there because its close to home but I think I'll take my business elsewhere where the employees actually at least pretend to care.

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You sent your son in the restaurant alone. Seriously someone needs to call family and children's services on you.

If something happened to your son while in the restaurant alone you would be blaming them as well. Shame on you, you don't seem to care about your son's safety.

Greenwood, Missouri, United States #786124

Amen brother just don't give them the busness.


Have you spoken to the manager? Or just 'put up' with this until it got too much?

I used to take my son to the local McD's all the time when he was younger.

When I saw something that needed attention, I would speak to the manager. They were very receptive.


Here's an idea, don't go to McDonalds. If they always get your order wrong than too *** bad. Don't complain on here instead of just not going to McDonalds...

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