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Sent my Husband to pick up McDonald,s for Dinner, I just was released from Hospital after Kidney surgery,( didn,t want to eat his cooking), So I got double cheese burger ketchup and onion only, took 2 bit no onion took another bit no onion, so I take thw top bun off , and this is all the onion I got on the sandwich, this has. happened at the Conneaut resturant, Edgewood resturant, we order nuggets or tenders don.t get our sauce, That happen alot in edgewoodWe never get straws or napkins,, I get very pissed having to go in and ask for sauce and get napkins and straws, or drive back thru the drive the drive thru and ask for the stuff, because they don,t remember to put sauce with tendwrs or nuggets right after they just asked you what kind you wanted, oh and sucking pop out of the top of your cup is real fun, We have been going to McDonalds for years I.m 58 and my parents took me and my 6,sibling to McDonald,s when we were growing up, Now I take my 5, Grandkids and 1 Greatgrandson to McDonalds, but the serves is really gettin bad and the prep looks like they just throw it together.Maybe need a little more training on some issuea..... Thank you, Karen Mick 436 State st Conneaut, Ohio 44030 grandmakaren631@gmail.com.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Double Cheeseburger.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You can tell the drama queens by the way the describe their situation that has nothing to do(e.g. kidney surgery) with issue at hand.

P.S. Do you think it wise to post your address on a public message board?


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Oooooooh Yuck! That looks disgusting.

looks like you took a picture of something from the garbage.

i wouldn't eat that if someobody offered to pay me. You should have gone back and demanded your money back.