Greensburg, Indiana

Any morning you want to eat breakfast at the Greensburg IN McDonald's, you receive very slow service both from the order taker to the actual food delivery. The problem at this McDonalds is so different from others that I have eaten at.

I have literally stood in the order line and had the order taker talking over my head to a young man she was flirting, with while avoiding the customers. Another instance I ordered ten of the holiday pies, only to receive two. When I made this know, one of the managers took forever trying to figure out how to sell me eight more. Many times I have entered the restaurant around 6:00 am and had the dinner menu starting at me.

What did they do between midnight and 6 am? This restaurant is so bad that the only fix would be to clean house completely.

This could be done by training a new crew quietly at another location, and replacing the old crew very early one morning.

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I have never had good service here. I feel like I am bothering the staff when I go in. I won't go back.

Greensburg, Indiana, United States #943606

I think the fastest i ever got through the drive through was 15 minutes. It is REALLY REALLY. bad there.

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