Chicago, Illinois
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had run in with this african american manager earlier this past week that had nasty attitude. gave me problem because i took fries back because they were cold.

her name begin with T. never go back there. service suck. she make such big fuss to change the fries and just attitude.

no need for that. as they say customer always right. do not expect to give old cold food and people to eat it. hate that you have to beg for good food that is hot.

she should just give me the hot fries and say sorry instead of make problem with me in front of employees and customers. she need to go

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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yeah, horrible grammar. and no, the customers isn't always right. when you have customers out there like MsLea who demand crazy things, that's enough proof that the customer is right only sometimes.


"You know what else sucks? YOUR GRAMMAR!"

You got that right.


You know what else sucks? YOUR GRAMMAR!

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