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While at a soccer game at Gillette stadium in Foxborough, Mass I went to a MacDonald's stand located in the stadium. I bought fries, a coke and a cup of coffee for $10.70.

The coke was fine but the fries were cold and the coffee just a half step above water. I understood the cost was high, but expected the quality would be good. The staff at the stand was hostile. I have written to MacDonald's and received the standard "we'll try to do better, hope you'll give us another try" line.

They absolutely refuse to take any responsibility for this franchise. I want my money back, and until I get it I will not walk in to another MacDonalds!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I am surprised McDonald's didn't send you some coupons. They must be letting customer service go downhill.

Too bad. My advice: go to Wendy's. Much better burgers and I have never, ever had a bad meal or experience with them. I cannot say the same for McDonalds---hit and miss nowdays, depending on which one you go to.

I try to avoid them now, anyway. They are not longer cheap and their food is no longer anything I cannot get better somewhere else.