Glen Saint Mary, Florida

my granddaughter and i (5 grand kids used to go to McDonalds till i heard two military young men told no discount to military only "local police" one stated to the other "we faced more bullets then them. i was ashamed that a so called charitable doesn't offer military a discount @to their families.

so many suffer are wounded die what disrespect. i am ashamed of them and will never take my grand kids there again til "policy" changes. this happened in maclenney fl. ive spoke to corp.

cell phoned district manager ,local manager etc etc.

even wrote to local paper. people in maclenny should know this policy and i believe apply pressure through hurting them where it hurts purchase elsewhere

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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At the McDonalds I work at there are only 2 discounts: senior citizen (only on small drinks and coffee) and employees (50% if you worked that day, 25% if you didn't)


As usual, there is never enough information to make any sense of what people are whining about. Who asked for the discount?

The two guys? I served 12 years in the Air Force, and have worked for police departments for 13 years (I'm not an officer, but have worn uniforms), and I have never had the gall to ask for a discount if I didn't know it was offered.

I'm not even going to bother attacking the grammar, spelling, etc. If you have grandchildren, then you're my elder, and I'll give you that respect.

Mancos, Colorado, United States #24554

I used to work at McDonalds, and the police discount is a corporate policy, not by individual store. Its unfortounate that the rules can't be changed (because my boyfriend could get me niggets, haha) but its not like the manager behind the counter is just a ***.

Walpole, New Hampshire, United States #21332

Thats because McDonalds are run by communists. They only want the cops on their side because they think if the store is getting robbed or whatever, they will get priority.

I don't anyone should get a discount for anything.

Its all B.S. McDonalds McSucks.

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