Mexico, Missouri

The 30th day of June 2013 at McDonald's in Mexico Missouri an male employee used the men's restroom and did not wash his hands. The guy run some water over his petery fingers and didn't even dry them on a towel, he wiped them on his dirty filthy apron.

I told a female worker that my family would not be back to eat here and that she needed to talk to the appropriate people. I gave the description of the employee to her, we went on our way the Dairy Queen and ate.

This is a problem I have noticed with this younger generation, I may stop eating out altogether. Thank you, Pissed off customer from Southeast Iowa where we do wash our hands!

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Have you notice there is no paper towels in the restrooms, at least not in Arkansas. There are a lot of people that do not wash and open the door.

Even if you do you still have to touch the door handle. They neet to put paper towels on have the door open the other way.

I e-mail the corp office and they want to know what store is was. Come to Ar and visit any Mc Donalds.


That has been the case in every McDonald's I have been to across the nation. So frustrating. And just awful design.


Of course the employees at Dairy Queen have cleaner habits. How do you know the McDonald's employee didn't go back to the kitchen to wash his hands.

Furthermore, if he had been doing anything but running the registers he would have been wearing gloves. I do agree, maybe your family should avoid eating out, because you never know exactly what goes on in the back of any restaurant.

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