Irving, Texas
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Went in the other day and ordered a Mcflurry. I waited 10 minutes for it to come out.

When I did it was half melted and all wrong. I went to the counter to complain and get me another one, but they told me I got what I paid for. I stood there arguing with those foos for going on what seemed a whole hour at least. Finally I got the manager over to take care of it.

I argued with him too until I finally got what I wanted. When he walked away he called me under his breath the N word.

He said he didn't when I jumped all over him, but I know that half *** *** *** honky foo did. I reported him to McDonalds corporate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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San Jose, California, United States #1250422

Troll on a roll....ignore it.


10 mins aint that long of a wait. i would say decent if average crowd around.

sounds like they forgot it. they should of remade it because you asked right away. easiest way to get rid of a costumer.

but my guess is that some attitudes were pulled on both parties. sounds like racism is on both sides too.


you sound like an uneducated FOO! get real use real words.

#845544 again. You are white as a ghost and you know it.

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