13770 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374
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Hello my name is Rebecca and i was at the mcdonalds in walmart on bell and grand in surprise az. The lady manager kicked me and my bf out, we bought food and she said we are 'loitering' which we were not.

I think shes discriminating us because when we go back to walmart there are homeless people that are mexican and they dont buy anything and she doesnt say anything to them. We are white. The manager she doesnt wear a name tag and i asked her for her name and she walked away. I called and asked for her name and they hungup on me.

I dont appreciate all the games she is playing. Shes mexican, braid's her hair and wears glasses. She's manager on duty right now april 18,2019 at 9:30am. I just dont appreciate her discriminating against us.

What should i do now? Thank you for reading this and i hope this gets to the right person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should fill up a paper bag with doggy doo and bring it to the front counter at McDonald's and tell them that what is inside the bag is what their food is like.


What should you do? Leave...Do not return....

Find somewhere else to eat...Problem solved....You're welcome...

See that was easy, wasn't it? Hope it helps....Be well...


At the same time people should go to an place where they welcomed if they are employees or managers or customers. Nobody should disrespected.

Everybody needs to respect everybody. Coming off as an jerk to others won't get you anywhere!


My suggestion is - Don't loiter.

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