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My daughter use to be employed at this McDonald's, it was her first job outside of our family business as well as my first job as a teen. Jamie calls back to inform the manager .f her order is messed up this has happend serveral times I'm known to say forget it but Jamie ask for her meal to be replaced.Yesterday prior to going to Church she went to get her replacement order she had her receipt the Manager Jamie Ayers sent another employee to the window to inform my daughter that this was the last time she would replace an order for her.

This absolutely crushed her, I called to speaks with the manager to discuss the issue I mentioned that my daughter was not an employee but rather a customer that Perhaps she should encourage her staff to do better. My only request was for her to apologize to my daughter for the Stereo type,Daragertory Defermatation of character & unnecessary comment she made she refused to after me asking so nicely. We're pastors, own Three businesses in this city.

I'm very disappointed how my child was treated simply because her orders were messed up. If she don't get that apology I'm exposing this to the local new & taking legal action this is just wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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QUOTE : "Daragertory Defermatation" CORRECTION : Derogatory Defamation. I won't bother to point out the rest of the spelling errors, but that one is spectacular.

You'd better instruct your daughter to toughen up because this is just the beginning of the disappointments she is slated to suffer as a member of the workforce.

She holds the ultimate sword of justice and is free to resign her post to seek better employment ( a process in which one should be constantly if not clandestinely engaged ). It would be in error for Mother to make a lot of noise.


Sounds like that whining, self entitled, prissy attitude of a "Snow Flake" you call a daughter was taking advantage of the system. How many "other" "wrong" orders did this "daughter" present? It would appear you both need to get off the high horse and accept that sometimes orders will be wrong.

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