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CI ordered my food on the McDonald's app, and I showed up at the store at 4:05 p.m. At 4:15 one of the workers came out and brought me the complete wrong meal.

Another 15 minutes went by, and the worker brought out my food and a McFlurry. The weather be in 115 degree, butt she wasn't able to bring my pop out with it, so I decided to eat my McFlurry when I went to look into my regular Not only was it and not in the regular cup it was only half-full. So I proceeded to check my food and come to find out my food was cold fries or cold Nuggets record everything was cold at that time I was pretty ticked. I took the bag in before she could bring the pop out meeting her at the door and I said no I demanded that my food was remade, obviously not very politely because I've been there all about 45 minutes at that point.

I left the food on the counter I assumed they were to re making it, I went and sat in my car and waited another 15 minutes or so. By now I was there over an hour. Furthermore, I decided that I wanted my refund I did not want the food I didn't know what they were doing to it, so I called from my car and got on the phone with the manager. Manager on the phone had no idea what I was even talking about basically asking me about a receipt and I told her the food was in the restaurant I didn't have a receipt, and she hung up, and she proceeded to come out and talk to me at my car.

I try to explain to her what was going on, but she kept asking me for this receipt that she knew I didn't have, obviously. She's being demeaning and rude. It was but just very rude asking me for the same thing though, and I didn't have it until you know she sent me off, and I was like just fine if you're not going to give me the money back then you need to remake my food again, and she said no she's not remaking my food now, and I said you're, so you're not going to give me my money back, and you're not going to make my food, so I'm just out of my money, and you can do that, and she said yep.

Me being at the heat At this moment of my life at McDonald's ever, I decided that it was best off that I cool down and leave. At that point in time it was a work night I had to go to work, and it's kind of I've been trying to call you here I am on this website letting you guys know I'd love for something to happen I mean it was like a $12 meal I mean it's not that much money but still I mean I work for a living, and they work for a living I don't understand what McDonald's can just take my food and take my money and not make my stuff right after probably about an hour and a half of waiting.

User's recommendation: Have a manager there that is aware of a rush and out coaching and helping get through jt.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Pros: Foods decnt.

McDonalds Cons: People who work there are retarted and rude.

Location: 2383 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85120

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Listen children. I have a college education.

I work so much that in order to get this out there I used talk to text and then this sites spell check. But I can see you guys are real busy. Must be a couple hard working employees for this company. Kick rocks and grow up.

Moral of the story is I was treated wrong and deserve an apology or my money back.

Take your grammar and shove it. Thanks.


Stop spending your money on McDonald's... Focus on your education.

Your post is horrific.

Next time walk up, order and leave... It's easy

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