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Update by user May 03, 2014

Whoever hacked into my log in and created that BOGUS post about hitting my children is absolutely CRAZY and an obvious criminal. Not only am I well educated, but I am employed FT and pursuing ANOTHER degree!

I don't have to defend myself to any low-life that chooses to judge me, or make absolute false accusations, so this will be my last post!

This was merely an attempt to aide a fellow consumer in avoiding a horrible experience. With that said, eat there at your own risk!

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2014

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! I will NEVER visit that location again!

Not only was the MANAGER rude as could be, but he cut me off mid sentence, and YELLED at me in front of my husband and two small children, who were there to redeem their free Happy Meal coupon for making Straight A's on their report cards! I have NEVER been treated like that before as a customer and will continue to write reviews about this location until a change is made! My children even commented that they never want to go to McDonalds again! When have you ever heard a child say that?!?!

And to top it off, the food didn't even taste fresh! Staff looked un-kept and Management was AWEFUL!!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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has cps been back yet


Ha ha ha ha ha, people getting so uppitty and their knickers in a twist over the stuupiidest crraap! ;-) So rediculous.


No one hacked anything. This website allows people to use whatever name they want, even if someone else is using that name. There is at least one regular here that enjoys impersonating people.


See how I am able to post as jsntay (no I am not the person who wrote the child beating comment). I just wanted to prove how easy it is.

First Born Triplet

You mean Kevin Richards is the regular right?


Yeah right you may not have hit your children but you probably

posted that for attention. For someone who claims to be educated you sure are not that well educated, even educated college degree parents hurt their children, child abuse has nothing to do with education and if you are lying about being educated(proof with you assuming educated people don't abuse their kids) you are lying about making that child abuse post, and possibly about being a non abusive parent. I hope your children are taken from you.




You better start taking your meds again. This complaint has been on before, maybe not about McDonald's, but about different businesses. The person always does a reply about that she had got so upset she slapped one of her kids and got reported to Social Services, and had a fight with her husband, blah, blah, blah.

First Born Triplet

I think someone is trolling these reviews and the OP has no idea that they are "child abusers", or someone posing as them claiming they are child abusers.

First Born Triplet

I would like to hear the manager's side of the story.


I am still angry and this made me so angry that I smacked one of my kids, unfortunately one of my neighbors called the CPS on me and they gave me a warning not to take my anger out on my children. They also made me yell at my husband when he told me to calm down.

The reason the manager did not accept my kids happy meal was because the coupon expired on December 31, 2013. Well last term my son got a B on his report card so I told them they did not deserve to use the coupons. If they had earned good grades instead of a *** b in the first place they would have had their treat long before the coupons expired. When I tried to explain this to the manager she cut me off in mid sentence.

Then they made me fight with my husband who said just pay for the happy meals. To stop the fight from getting further I paid for them.

However my family pissed me off, my kids pissed me off, I smacked one of them and yelled at my husband and now CPS is threatening to remove them if they get another call. Thanks Mcdonalds.