Cincinnati, Ohio
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i currently visted the mcds here in cincinnati oh on beechmont ave. the white headed manger kicked my family out while they were eating at 9pm.

i understand that the playground closes at 9pm but he could of let my family eat!

we paid for our food and had to thow it away because he was rude and wouldnt let us finish i will no longer visit this mcds and i have told ppl and other mcds about what happen they say he should be punished that those action were wrong and unnessary! I suggest that ppl dont eat at this mcds ppl there are extremely rude

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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No one made you throw away your food. Ever hear of taking it with you?


No one made you throw away your food. Ever hear of taking it with you?


you just made me crave a big mac....thanks a lot JUST CURIOUS!


Chris Batt, I have to agree with you, but not entirely. You see here in the good-ol USA we love our Mcds, we really love the low price "meal", even if it kills us.

The wonderful thing about Mcds is that its a trip to "toys r us", your "mother in laws", and "the playground" all rolled into one. The food requires no explination, no introduction, and you should take it without expectation. Same with the people working there; they dont need to be nice, smart, or even alive to keep the place going. Its a place for the kids, the broke and hungry, and the folks who just cant land a job anywere else.

So if you like your kids, not necessarily love them, and if you like to keep your money in your pocket, without needing much service or attention from the help, then Mcds is the place for you. Now-a-days that just about describes everyone within a 25 mile radius of the nearest Mcds, they're not that far apart from each other.

So dont expect much from the place, it will just ruin it for you. Enjoy.


Your words:

"i understand that the playground closes at 9pm"

I guess I don't get it - PLAYGROUND CLOSES AT 9 PM AND I AM ASKED TO LEAVE AT 9 PM - nevermind - seems pretty clear to me.



Probably kicked you out cause he thought you were drunk. The playground is for children.


Stop feeding your family *** food at *** restaurants.


Well I can honestly say that this company is no better in the UK the staff are poorly trained, the food is terrible, do yourself a very good favour and stay away from any of the so called "restaurants" I haven't been to one that is run proffessionally and thats not an exaggeration !!!!