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When you order a quarter pounder .. with out cheese...

they still charge you price of quarter pounder with cheese.... like your ordering a quarter pounder with cheese with out cheese...I asked them if this is what they are doing they said yes... like it was nothing.. then i was thinking how long have they been doing this and made few nonfactual estimates ..

astronomical is all i m gonna say.. in just this one little scam.. what others do they and others businesses pull on ..the customer whose always right.. bet most of ill gains naver see common labor..

Bah.. enough..

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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The Quarter Pounder is meant to have cheese.

That's why it says 'and cheese'

I mean, if you buy a cheeseburger and say 'no cheese' you expect you get the cheese refunded?

You'll get a hamburger, and pay the same ***.

Some people are rediculous, seriously.


either deal with it or eat somewhere else. I'd hardly say it's a scam unless they're actually tricking you.

they told you the truth, it's not like they said you aren't paying for the cheese or either burger. and who eats a burger without cheese unless they can't have it?


And where do you work, Olinkoeld? Burger King?


You people need to grow up. Leave me alone.

You people have anything else better to do then bash people? And to you, cheesebooger, that is an awful comment.

I would never do something so gross. And I do agree they should be called "McMinorities." either filthy disgusting nappy headed negroes or greasy, slimy, yucky brown smelly non English speaking Mexicans that work there.


What you should have done was take the cheese from between your skanky love hole and slathered it On then take the bun and slip it all over your boyfriends balls for added spice, tang and zest. One time I got so mad at the Mcminorities worker that I jammed my *** in everyone's angus turd pounders. Then I pounded a big Mac up my *** and said I am Ronald McDonald's *** child.


I just found this site and it is delightfully hilarious. So many pathetic complaints.

Do you realize the cost of one slice of cheese at McDonalds? It is less than 10 cents. That being said, they can charge whatever they want for the products they sell and the cool thing is as a consumer, you can choose if you'd like to buy it or not!

Awesome, right? So either pay the "extra" 10 cents or find something else to shove down your gullet.


Wrong nikalseyn is not a Mcdonalds employee, why do you assume that because she or he called you out she automatically works for the company. Just for your information if you search nikalseyn's name you will find out she as an ex Walmart employee who got fired for stealing from her company.

The item she stole was a pen.

She first claims she was borrowing a pen after opening it herself then she claims the package was already open.

And yeah, before calling anyone dumb make sure you have good spelling and grammar. A third grader has better grammar and spelling skills than you do.


To the person calling the other commenter dumb...check your grammar. Also, I am relatively certain the price of the 'quarter pounder w/cheese' has the cost of the cheese built in as that is standard for the burger.

Are you slow? Do you have a learning disability to the degree that I should feel bad making fun of you? I am sure that is really how McDonald's has been raking it in all these years. On a cheese scam.

LMAO. This is why our country is in the gutter. Too many idiots like this that complain about *** stuff and are even wrong in the process.

And actually think they have a legitimate complaint!! :grin :upset


You must be a mcdonalds employee... lol..someone charges you for something you don't get you pay for it...

you dumb also and I can't hold that against you.. have good day...


You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and want to blame big bad business for....what?....for being "mean" to employees, I guess. Stop whining, ask mommy if you can go find a job and if you don't want cheese on a burger, just say so and pay them whatever they charge for it.

If you don't like the price, then don't eat there. Simple.